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Air Tight Builds

Air tight builds is the principal of creating an airtight property. Air tightening a property means keeping air leakage to an absolute minimum.
A sealed air tight building won’t unnecessarily lose heat through cracks or gaps; as such the property will be easier to heat, more energy efficient and cost the owner less in heating bills.
Usher Insulations provides new builds with our complete air tight build service. We identify where air is escaping or entering and seal these problem areas. Our service uses a variety of techniques to create a property that’s completely air tight.
Usher Insulations provides a competitively priced, practical method of increasing the energy efficiency of a client's property
Our service is also available to retro fit buildings with air sealant solutions and to seal buildings undergoing a refurbishment.

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Air Tightness Materials

Usher Insulations uses a combination of materials to completely seal property. We combine membrane tapes and a range of adhesive glues to seal cracks and any gaps around pipes, wires, ventilation shafts, electrical fittings and anywhere else that air is being allowed to flow freely.
When the right materials are used, draughts within a building can be completely eliminated.
Usher Insulations pays special attention to windows and doors where draughts and air leakage is particularly common. Our range of sealants can be integrated into the build and are completely invisible, so even large gaps or cracks can be sealed without the interior aesthetic of the property being spoiled.

For more information on the materials we use and how they can benefit your building, get in contact with Usher Insulations today.

Our Air Tightness Service

Our service involves a comprehensive assessment of the property where our expert team assess the air tightness of a property. We inspect common, problem areas where air is allowed to flow freely, causing draughts and allowing energy to escape.

The areas our experts assess include:

  • Windows

  • Doors (Keyholes, letterboxes cat flaps)

  • Loft hatches

  • All areas where electric fittings are present

  • Between floorboards

  • Wall to ceiling joints

  • Open fire, areas and open flues

  • Rooms that require extraction due to high moisture levels (kitchen, bathrooms and utility rooms)

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